Recently, we spent a beautiful summer day walking on the Highline in New York City which is about a 1 mile linear park that was built on a former section of the elevated New York Central railroad.

Here’s a plaque that tells you a little about it’s history:

Highline8There are so many beautiful plants and flowers to see! The landscape architects involved in the project arranged them to look like they’re growing wild in nature.  Depending on the season, different ones are in bloom. On PBS there is a series on the Great Museums of New York City and the Highline is featured in one called “Elevated Thinking”  It’s really interesting to learn about all that went into the design.  The path even though linear, has many different settings to discover as you walk along.

Highline2There is a stadium of sorts that makes watching New York City traffic like theater.


Here is the street view:Highline6Along the way there are benches to relax where you can “people watch” if that’s your thing or sun bath in lounge chairs.  You can even grab a snack in a center location that has vendors selling different types of food and treats and sometimes you can even find live music.  It’s truly a beautiful space to visit, you feel removed from the hustle and bustle of the city.