Flights are booked, car routes planned, family and friends will soon be on their way!  A lot of us will have overnight guests for the holidays.  To me it’s the best time of year when the house is full and my family that is usually scattered around the globe is all together having some laughs and catching up.  Since downsizing to a smaller home a year ago, we no longer have a guest room for everyone to stay in, so I’ve found some ways that make it possible to create a temporary space for all our guests.

Here are some ideas to get your home ready so everyone feels welcomed and comfortable . And for those who have guest rooms in need of a refresh, get design ideas from the bedroom looks shown below.


Whether it’s the library or family room, take advantage of built-ins to make an interesting backdrop for a bed in lieu of a headboard. You can always put a small side table to create a night stand.




Black and white photography and prints simply framed can really boost the interest on the wall in a spare bedroom.





Don’t worry if there isn’t a headboard, use large decorative pillows to create the look of one.




I love the look of this moody room with the bold color choices.  Guests rooms are a great place to experiment.




Great looking linens, a faux zebra rug and a quirky side table give this room personality.




The combination of colors and textures add up to a great look!





Pull together all the essentials for your guests in an attractive storage container.