I have been hunting for the perfect shade of blue fabric to re-upholster 2 tub chairs that I have.  It’s been harder than I expected, one fabric will be too green, another one too washed out and so on. Then I happened to come across this photo of a sofa posted online and WOW this fabric was it! There was even a chair with chartreuse leather which I happen to have something similar.  Everyone posting on this picture was admiring the fabulous colors.  The picture was taken at the newly renovated Marlton Hotel in New York City.  I figured I’ll go there and ask if by any chance they know the source for the fabric.  Easy enough, right? I dragged my husband along, who luckily had the day free and who is always up for a day spent exploring the city.

Well it’s a reminder how color representation in a photo on the internet can be drastically different in person.  While the fabric was not what I was looking for, the Marlton Hotel, located in Greenwich Village is really nicely done and has a boutique hotel vibe.  It’s a mix of modern and traditional, which I love. The renovation was done by Sean MacPherson, a restaurateur and hotelier.  MacPhearson’s inspiration came from the small Parisian hotel featured in F. Scott Fitzgerald’s  “Tender Is The Night”.  Check out the photos below:












I’ll definitely plan on staying here for a weekend getaway sometime.