Sport England, a government agency, put together a campaign to motivate women to exercise.  They took cues from marketers at Dove in developing a campaign that encourages women of all sizes not to be self-conscious and get out there and exercise.

Sport England CEO Jennie Price said,

 “Any woman will tell you about the internal dialog that goes on in her head, particularly when she thinks about sport, exercise and getting fit. It’s stuff like ‘I’m too fat to do this’ or ‘I’m not fit enough to go to that class’, or ‘If I get on that treadmill and press that button and fall off, I’m going to look really stupid and everybody is going to stare at me, and I’m certainly not going to wear those clothes to do it’. We are trying to say it’s perfectly normal to feel like that, don’t beat yourself up about it.”

It’s an awesome video, take a look below:



Published on Jan 12, 2015

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