We visited Bannerman’s Castle, located on Pollepel Island near Beacon, NY.  There is a ferry service from Beacon.  It seemed like a fun adventure and I always love seeing interesting architecture. Well, there wasn’t much left of the castle but part of the facade.

A view of the castle from the ferry

A view of the castle from the ferry on the Hudson River

There was a tour guide who was a bit of a character.  He seemed to have trouble remembering some of his facts which became kind of amusing and we had a good laugh.  He told us Francis Bannerman was born in Scotland in 1851 and at the age of 3 his family moved to Brooklyn, NY.  In 1865 he started his business, selling equipment of every description as well as ammunition ( kind of a scrap dealer).  NYC city officials forced him to move storage of the ammunitions from his business in Brooklyn to a safer place outside city limits.  That’s when he purchased Pollepel Island from the Taft family in 1900. He built a castle to look like ones in Scotland to house the ammunition.  He also built a home for his wife and 3 sons to stay in the summertime.

My husband and sons listening to the tour guide

My husband and sons listening to the tour guide that was very amusing.

The castle facade

The castle facade

It wasn’t a particularly pretty castle, even in better times although according to our tour guide, a lot of care went into the design. Bannerman used this eye catching structure as advertisement for his business seen by people passing on the Hudson River.  He even had a billboard of sorts on the side of the castle.

It was such a gorgeous day, walking around and taking in the beautiful views even if the castle was a bit of a disappointment.


My sons and I enjoying the day

My sons and I enjoying the day with the beautiful Hudson River in the background.